Southern Labrador: A Place to Call Your Own
Located on the eastern coast of Canada, in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, the communities of Southern Labrador welcome you to take a look at our region through this website and explore the opportunities we have to offer you.

Labrador is "The Big Land" with big winters, but we have warm and friendly people, and lots to do and see. We invite you to come and feel safe and at home. You'll find the people helpful and the communities close, like an extended family. We pride ourselves on our sense of humour and our hospitality, which we extend to visitors from all over the world.
Nestled between the Quebec North Shore and the Mealy Mountains of Central Labrador, Southern Labrador is a coastal region of wide open-spaces, fresh air and great opportunities for a quality lifestyle. Southern Labrador has nineteen small communities, each waiting to welcome you and your family to find employment, find a home, and find some fun and good friends.


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