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Population: 550
No Cell phone service
Yes Highspeed Internet
Yes Post office
Yes Road access
Yes Convenience items
Yes Food service
Yes Gasoline
Yes Groceries
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Port Hope Simpson189 km(113 mi)
Mary's Harbour243 km(146 mi)
Established in 1775, Cartwright was named after Captain George Cartwright. He was an English merchant and adventurer who established a fish and fur trading business. The settlement of Cartwright provided him with an excellent sheltered harbour and FlagStaff Hill gave him a lookout point from which he could look for privateers. It's located on the southeast coast with a population of around 550 people and its main industry is the crab fishery.

Air Labrador provides scheduled flights into Cartwright and it is also a major port for the offloading and distribution of freight to the north Labrador Coast. During the winter, there is a series of groomed trails that connects Cartwright to all other regions of Labrador. In 2002 Cartwright was connected to Red Bay via a gravel highway which opened up most of the southeast coast, and in 2009 it was connected to Central and Western Labrador via a gravel road.
More Community Services
For Children and Youth:
- Anglican Youth Group
- Brownies and Girl Guides
- Community Youth Network
- Junior Rangers
- Southern Labrador Family Centres
For Seniors:
- Seniors Apartments
Government Offices:
- Department of Fisheries & Oceans
- Department of Natural Resources
- Department of Transportation
- RCMP Detachment
- Southern Star Employment Services
Health Services:
- Cartwright Community Clinic
Public Services:
- Banking, Eagle River Credit Union Branch
- Community Access Program Site (Public Internet Access)
- Public Library
Recreation Facilities:
- Community Gymnasium
Religious Institutions:
- Evangel Temple Pentecostal Church
- St. Peter's Anglican Church
- Henry Gordon Academy
More Shopping:
- Accommodations
- Building materials, tools and hardware
- Crafts and gifts
- Hairdresser/barber
- Liquor and wine
- Marine Sales/Service
- Northern Store Outlet
- Snowmobiles, ATVs and motorcycles


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