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Southern Labrador really is a great place to bring up a young family, with lots of healthy outdoor activities and a safe, clean environment. Southern Labrador has a very low crime rate and here, people watch out for one another, you can ask anyone for help.
"When we moved here 11 years ago, it was supposed to be temporary, but the fresh air, outdoor lifestyle and small close knit community family changed our minds. Our kids can play outside with no worries, and we get the most out of our day with everything only minutes away, and no line ups!"

Carmen Hancock
"Here, everybody looks out for everybody else," says John Groves, who immigrated to Southern Labrador from the U.K. "I like the freedom in Labrador. To me, the fact that you can hike and hunt and skidoo, and you're not trespassing - it's like one big playground. I came from a place where when you stepped out the door you were on someone else's property. Here, you can go out and head North and just keep on going."
"Work commitments often take my husband away for extended periods of time. Being a mother of two children this has never created a safety concern for me. I never feel compelled to lock my door or feel concern for our safety. ..on the contrary I find neighbours and friends look out fo us. There is always someone there to help whether it's with the kids or with our property. There are few places in the world like that!"

Barb Marshall, Resident for 20 years
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