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St. Lewis
Population: 213
No Cell phone service
Yes Highspeed Internet
Yes Post office
Yes Road access
Yes Convenience items
Yes Food service
Yes Gasoline
Yes Groceries
Travel by road to other towns...
Port Hope Simpson50 km(30 mi)
Mary's Harbour64 km(38 mi)
St. Lewis is the most easterly permanent community on the North American mainland and is one of the best locations on Labrador Coastal Drive to see icebergs!

It is one of the earliest recorded place names in all of Labrador. It was depicted on a map as early as 1502. Its recorded history begins in the early 18th Century when its sheltered location, proximity to good fishing grounds and seal migration routes made it a desired location for the English based migratory fishery. Not only was it a favorite place for fishing, but it also was a good place to construct small boats and early establishments left crews to winter there for this purpose.
More Community Services
For Children and Youth:
- Junior Ranger Program (12 to 18 years)
Government Offices:
- Department of Fisheries and Oceans
Health Services:
- St. Lewis Community Clinic
Public Services:
- Community Access Program Site (Public Internet Access)
Recreation Facilities:
- St. Lewis Academy School Gymnasium
Religious Institutions:
- St. Marks Anglican Church
- St. Lewis Academy
More Shopping:
- Accommodations
- Bakery


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