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Lodge Bay
Population: 76
No Cell phone service
No Highspeed Internet
Yes Post office
Yes Road access
Yes Convenience items
No Food service
Yes Gasoline
Yes Groceries
Note: Dial-up Internet available
Travel by road to other towns...
Mary's Harbour8 km(5 mi)
Port Hope Simpson62 km(37 mi)
L'Anse au Loup133 km(80 mi)
Forteau148 km(89 mi)
Lodge Bay came from the name Ranger Lodge which was settled by Captain George Cartwright in the 16th century. Ranger was the name of his first ship and Lodge was the name of their homes in England at that time. It later became the winter home of fishermen from Conception Bay, who had summer fishing stations off of Cape Charles and Camp Islands. The main surname "Pye", came from the English who moved to Cape Charles after staying at Conception Bay.
More Community Services
Recreation Facilities:
- Recreation Centre
Religious Institutions:
- St. James the Baptist Church


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