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Southern Labrador - Route 510

Located on the eastern coast of Canada, in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, the communities of Southern Labrador stretch along the coastline between the Quebec North Shore and the Mealy Mountains of Central Labrador. Southern Labrador has nineteen small fishing communities, with a population range of 8 to 600 people in each community.
Southern Labrador is made up of two subregions: The Labrador Straits, encompassing the communities from L'Anse au Clair to Red Bay; and Southeastern Labrador, encompassing the communities from Lodge Bay to Cartwright. Some services in Southern Labrador are split along these regional lines.

The population of Southern Labrador is 4,394 (2006 census). There are another 5,000 people living in the neighbouring communities of the Quebec Lower North Shore.
Labrador is part of the Canadian Province of Newfoundland and Labrador, located on Canada's Atlantic coast. The Strait of Belle Isle separates the two parts of the Province. Labrador Coastal Drive is the southern coastal region of Labrador stretching from L'Anse Au Clair to Cartwright on Route 510.
Time Zones
Atlantic Time Zone: Southern Labrador's two most northern communities, Cartwright and Black Tickle, fall within the Atlantic time zone. Atlantic time is also used in Northern, Central and Western regions of Labrador.

Newfoundland Time Zone: All other communities in Southern Labrador are within the Newfoundland time zone, which is a 1/2-hour later than Atlantic time. Newfoundland time is used on the neighbouring Island of Newfoundland.

Current Time
Atlantic Time:
7:50 AM
Newfoundland Time:
8:20 AM
Tourism Map
Tourism Map
Labrador has a very active and growing tourism industry. For tourism marketing, the region of Southern Labrador is identified as Labrador Coastal Drive. The Labrador Coastal Drive tourism map identifies key points of interests and services for visitors to our region.



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