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Population: 350
No Cell phone service
Yes Highspeed Internet
Yes Post office
Yes Road access
Yes Convenience items
Yes Food service
Yes Gasoline
Yes Groceries
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Port Hope Simpson48 km(29 mi)
Mary's Harbour102 km(61 mi)
Cartwright199 km(119 mi)
Charlottetown is a small community on the southeast coast of Labrador and was settled in 1950 by Mr. Ben Powell Sr. and Mr. Clarence Perry. It was originally founded for the purpose of a logging operation, however, the majority of people depend on the fishery for their livelihood.

After 1951, the settlement grew rapidly. A community clinic, all grades school, general store, post office, hotel, community roads and an airstrip were constructed to meet the needs of this new settlement. The construction of the airport in 1986 connected Charlottetown with the rest of the world.
More Community Services
For Children and Youth:
- Southern Labrador Family Resource Centre
Government Offices:
- Department of Innovation Trade & Rural Development
- Southern Star Employment Services/Labrador Metis Nation EAS
Health Services:
- Charlottetown Community Clinic
Public Services:
- Community Access Program Site (Public Internet Access)
Recreation Facilities:
- Community Recreational Centre
- William Gillet Academy School Gymnasium
Religious Institutions:
- Gospel Hall
- Pentecostal Church
- St. Mary's Anglican Church
- William Gillett Academy (K-12)
More Shopping:
- Accommodations
- Automotive service
- Building materials, tools and hardware
- Hairdresser/barber
- Marine Sales/Service
- Snowmobiles, ATVs and motorcycles


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