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Paradise River
Population: 14
No Cell phone service
No Highspeed Internet
No Post office
Yes Road access
No Convenience items
No Food service
No Gasoline
No Groceries
Note: Paradise River is located minutes by road from the larger communities of Cartwright.
Travel by road to other towns...
Cartwright31 km(19 mi)
Port Hope Simpson158 km(95 mi)
Paradise River was established in 1775 by George Cartwright. The town was originally recognized as the hub of Sandwich Bay. The people of Paradise River were involved in the cod and salmon fishery in the summer months and fur trapping and hunting in the winter. Today, Paradise River is known as a very scenic community with an abundance of wildlife, fish, and forestry potential.

The community of Paradise River has a road link to Cartwright. This connection enables residents to utilize all services that Cartwright offers; in turn, Cartwright citizens can take in the breathtaking beauty of Paradise River.


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