All communities have access to satellite or cable television, most of the larger communities have high speed internet, and some communities have cell phone service. Public access computers and internet access are available in most communities through Community Access Program (CAP Sites). There are two weekly newspapers, two public libraries and several radio stations available in the region.
Internet Services
Most of the larger communities in Southern Labrador have high speed internet. Those communities without highspeed will have access to dialup internet or satellite internet. Public access computers and internet access is available at community CAP sites. See the .
Internet Services Page for more detailed information.
Telephone and Cellular Services
Basic communications are modern and reliable throughout Southern Labrador. However, due to the terrain, cellular services service along the Labrador Straits sub-region is intermittent. The communities of L'Anse au Loup and L'Anse au Clair have full service, and other communities have partial service.
Television Services
Satellite television is available throughout the region with services provided by Bell, StarChoice, or Shaw Direct. Some communities are served by cable television through privately owned companies.
Radio Services
CJON - Corner Brook
CBC, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation - Corner Brook - sub-region - Labrador Straits
CBC, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation - Labrador - sub-region Southeastern Labrador
CBC, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation - Quebec City, is available in some communities located close to the Quebec border..
Radio-Canada, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's French language service is available in some communities, located close to the Quebec border. It is also available via the internet.

Other radio services are available via satellite and the internet.
Newspaper Services
Two local weekly newspapers are available in Southern Labrador:

The Northern Pen - Produced in St. Anthony, Newfoundland. Primary coverage area is the Northern Peninsula and Southern Labrador

The Labradorian - produced in Goose Bay, Labrador. Primary area of coverage is central Labrador but does carry some pan-Labrador stories.

Some communities have home delivery, and the newspapers can be purchased in local shops. These and other provincial newspapers are available through an online subscription as well.
Forteau Telecentre
The Forteau Telecentre has provided computer access and technology training and support to Southern Labrador communities for the past 20 years. Located at the E.M. Taylor Resource Centre, the Telecentre offers free computer use and internet access, as a Community CAP site. The room can also be booked as a meeting facility and training facility. Equipment and telecommunications services can be booked along with the room. Support staff are available on site.
Public Access Sites - CAP
CAP Sites in Southern Labrador
CAP Sites are public access computer sites provided through the Community Access Program, Newfoundland and Labrador. The Community Access Program was developed by Industry Canada to assist communities in rural and remote settings to obtain affordable public access to the Internet and the skills to use it effectively.

CAP sites are located in schools, libraries or community centres throughout the region. Computer training is often offered at these sites. Some CAP sites charge a small fee for the use of the equipment.


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