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Experience the Big Land
Whether you like taking long walks alone on the beach to get close to nature, or taking all your friends and family out to the sand dunes on dirt bikes, you can find a way to enjoy this place we call "The Big Land". After all, where else on earth do you have 400,000 square kilometres all to yourself?

Well, not quite all to yourself. You might spot a few dozen whales on your lone stroll along the beach, or an eagle, or a flock of puffins. A fox might cross your path, or a groundhog might get cross with you for getting too close to the rock he likes to sunbathe on.
Getting Close to Nature
Southern Labrador has a variety of natural environments to explore: Marine environments - long sandy beaches, rocky shores, the open sea, and rivers and lakes; and The Big Land itself – grassy seashores, barren grounds with low alpine plant life, forests of spruce and fir, aspen and birch, and hills and valleys with traditional trails through the communities. Southern Labrador offers 19 developed walking and hiking trails, as well as traditional footpaths. Boating, kayaking or sports fishing will get you close to the water, and every community has a favourite swimming hole.
Favourite Outdoor Activities
With a short summer season, the barren grounds are covered with tiny wildflowers and a profusion of wild berries, rich in antioxidants. Berrypicking is a favourite activity in Labrador with a traditional "Boil-Up", an outdoor meal over a fire. Food always tastes best outdoors, especially after a day on the barrens.
If you enjoy sports fishing, you'll be happy to hear that the top two rivers for fishing Atlantic Salmon are both in Southern Labrador. Sports fishing doesn't have to end when the snow falls. Ice fishing for trout can be even more fun – especially if you add in a few snowmobiles and a cabin!
And you'll be please to know that whether you're a lone yoga enthusiast saluting the sun from the top of a peaceful hill, or a noisy family having a boil-up over a bonfire after a snowmobile ride, people just like you have been enjoying The Big Land for over 9,000 years without having a negative impact on the environment. So get out there and enjoy!
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You can also find lots of information on the Labrador Tourism websites:
Destination Labrador and Labrador Coastal Drive.


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