Services in the Region
Southern Labrador's communities offer a broad range of services: banking, retail, automotive, health, education, communications, policing and government services are all available, but not every service is available in every community. Banking is available in some of the region's largest municipalities, while retail shops are located in most all communities. Additional goods and services are available in nearby communities in the province of Quebec.
Southern Labrador is made up of two regions: The Labrador Straits, encompassing the communities from L'Anse au Clair to Red Bay; and Southeastern Labrador, encompassing the communities from Lodge Bay to Cartwright. Some services in Southern Labrador are split along these regional lines.
Health services include a regional health centre and privately owned pharmacy, in Forteau for the Labrador Straits sub-region but is provided through community clinics in the Southeastern Labrador sub-region.

Our retail sector includes automotive dealerships, furniture stores, clothing, hardware, grocery and general stores located throughout Southern Labrador. Businesses and families can find everything they need for everyday life. Internet access is available in every community and additional goods are easily available by mail order.
Schools and clinics are located throughout the region. Most schools are all-grade schools and busing is provided. Some government services are available locally, employment services and driver exam; others are available online or via telephone. Post-secondary courses are available via distance.

All communities have access to satellite or cable television, most of the communities have high speed internet, and some communities have cell phone service. The Eagle River Credit Union has three branches in the region and ATM machines are available either at the Credit Union, or in businesses in many communities.
Community Services
 ATMCell phone serviceHighspeed InternetPost officeRoad access
Black Tickle   Yes 
Capstan Island Yes  Yes
CartwrightYes YesYesYes
CharlottetownYes YesYesYes
ForteauYes YesYesYes
L'Anse Amour    Yes
L'Anse au ClairYesYesYesYesYes
L'Anse au LoupYesYesYesYesYes
Lodge BayYes  YesYes
Mary's HarbourYes YesYesYes
Norman Bay     
Paradise River    Yes
Pinsent's Arm    Yes
PinwareYes Yes Yes
Port Hope SimpsonYes YesYesYes
Red BayYes  YesYes
St. Lewis  YesYesYes
West St. ModesteYesYesYesYesYes
William's Harbour   Yes 


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