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Black Tickle
Population: 220
No Cell phone service
No Highspeed Internet
Yes Post office
No Road access
Yes Convenience items
No Food service
Yes Gasoline
Yes Groceries
Note: Black Tickle has it's own airstrip located within the community. It also has access to dial up internet.
Black Tickle is a fishing community located on an island on the southeast coast of Labrador. It was founded in the mid nineteenth century by a group of British seamen who had jumped ship. In 1865 Captain Hood reported on the population and fishing catches from Battle Harbour to Red Bay Island in Labrador and one of the largest establishments of that time was Black Tickle. Today the community is still dependent upon the fishery as its primary source of employment but, instead of cod, the current resource is snow crab.
More Communities Services
For Children and Youth:
- Southern Labrador Family Resource Centre (0-12 years)
Health Services:
- Black Tickle Community Clinic
Public Services:
- Community Access Program (Public Internet Access)
Recreation Facilities:
- St. Peter's All Grade School Gymnasium
Religious Institutions:
- Anglican Church
- Roman Catholic Church
- St. Peter's All Grade School (K-12)


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