What We Do For Fun
See What We Do for Fun!
In Southern Labrador we enjoy the outdoors in "the world's largest playground". If you like a clean natural environment, wide open spaces and the freedom to enjoy the outdoors with your family, you will love living in Southern Labrador.
There are activities here to suit everyone. Organized events and programs are dependent on the season, and will be different in each community depending on the facilities available. We encourage you to inquire at the local school or municipal office for information about what's going on in your new community. Sometimes activities that interest you might be available in a neighbouring town. There are always opportunities to get involved in informal activities - rent the gym for a game of volleyball, a family outdoor "boil-up", or call your friends for a fitness workout at the town hall. We find lots of ways to have fun and keep fit.
Making Your Own Fun
Fishing is a passion in Labrador. If you enjoy fly fishing, you'll be happy to hear that we have the best Atlantic Salmon rivers in the world.
We have a short summer season, but long summer days and we make the most of them! We have avid gardeners and lots of natural fertilizer - seaweed, peat and fish. If you like to garden, Southern Labrador offers some of the most organic soil and our gardeners boast great results for flowers, root vegetables and, if you have a greenhouse and a green thumb - tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and squash.

We've got active communities and active people who love an excuse to get together. If your interest is for more physical activity there are lots options available throughout the region for recreation, sports and community events including, sports weekends, community suppers, card games, traditional musical events and fundraisers. Recreational facilities host regular programs and are available for bookings for friendly games of basketball, ball hockey, volleyball, badminton and the like.
Family Fun!
We really enjoy the outdoors in winter. Family outdoor winter activities include, snowmobiling, skiing, hockey, skating, sliding and tubing, outdoor boilups (a meal over a fire), going to the cabin, snowshoeing, hunting and ice fishing

If you enjoy the outdoors in winter, you can participate or spectate in the many organized winter sports weekends, or make your own fun - get on a snowmobile and explore hundreds of kilometres of groomed trails that stretch right across Labrador and into Quebec.
We make the most of the good weather in summer, here in Southern Labrador, and we love to get on the water - in a kayak, or speedboat, or on a Sea-doo. Every town has its favourite swimming hole, and some of the towns have indoor swimming pools. We get out on our bikes, and roller blades on the road, or on our dirt bikes in the sand dunes.
If you enjoy quieter summer activities, and like to explore nature, we have developed walking trails throughout the region, built on historic footpaths, or take a walk on the beach. Bonfires on the beach are popular, too, and we have huge community bonfires to celebrate Canada Day in July and Bonfire Night in November.

Summer is the time for festivals, with local music and food. Celebrate with us at the Bakeapple Festival, Crab Festival, Shrimp Festival, Partridgeberry Festival, Bas-Ador Festival and Golden Cod Festival held throughout the region, throughout the summer and fall. Summer is a great time to explore our historic sites and the activities held at them, including Battle Harbour Fun Day, and Lightouse Day. We celebrate our culture, too, with music events and craft fairs, many of them hosted by our historic sites. At Christmas, the communities celebrate together, at the Community Christmas Tree, where Santa brings something for every child in the community.

We make our own fun, here in Labrador - come and see - and make your own fun too!
Visit our Photo Gallery to see more fun Labrador activities.

For more information about local events, check out the Festivals and Events listing on the Labrador Coastal Drive website.

We also invite you to find additional information on Labrador tourism websites: Destination Labrador and Labrador Coastal Drive.


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