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L'Anse Amour
Population: 8
No Cell phone service
No Highspeed Internet
No Post office
Yes Road access
No Convenience items
No Food service
No Gasoline
No Groceries
Note: L'Anse Amour is located minutes by road from the larger communities of L'Anse au Loup and Forteau. Dial up internet is available.
Travel by road to other towns...
L'Anse au Loup8 km(5 mi)
Forteau12 km(7 mi)
West St. Modeste22 km(13 mi)
L'Anse au Clair23 km(14 mi)
L'Anse Amour is a picturesque small community in Forteau Bay. At times, especially when the caplin are "rolling", minke and humpback whales come right in the bay.

The Davis family has lived in L'Anse Amour for the past one hundred and fifty years and were actually granted ownership of the land by King George V for all their efforts when the HMS Raleigh went ashore.

L'Anse Amour is on the doorstep to some of the major attractions in the Labrador Straits including Point Amour Lighthouse, Maritime Archaic Indian Burial Mound, and wreckage site of the HMS Raleigh.


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