Emergency Services
Throughout the region, there are various public and private agencies providing emergency services to ensure the health and safety of residents.
The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) is Canada's national police service and responsible for policing in the Southern Labrador region. This involves enforcing the law, preventing crime, and protecting Canadians. They are very active within the communities they serve and are regularly patroling the streets, visiting local youth centers, and often doing presentations in schools to build awareness. They have twenty-four hour service, with daily office hours within each detachment. There are three RCMP detachments within the region located in Cartwright, Mary's Harbour and Forteau.
The Labrador-Grenfell Health Board is responsible for providing quality health and community services through facilities located throughout the region. Individuals access services through outpatient appointments at the local health clinic. Specialty health services are accessed through referral by designated local health professionals to hospitals and specialists within the Province. Some services, not located within community clinics may be offered through "traveling clinics".
Ambulance Services
Ambulance services are available within the communities of L'Anse au Clair to Charlottetown and accessed by calling the local Clinic.
Fire Protection
Trained volunteer firemen throughout different parts of the region respond to fire emergencies to ensure the safety of communities and individuals. Towns are equipped with fire trucks and a variety of fire fighting equipment, or have arrangements for service with neighboring communities.


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